The Converts: All Kinds of People

Who can the gospel not reach?

Think about it. Is there a type of person who cannot be cracked open and transformed by the gospel? Does age make a difference? Does family of origin? What about gender, ethnicity, education level, personal wealth, past hurts, or political affiliation?

The only people who are unable to be changed by the gospel are those who have not heard the gospel. Our hope and confidence is that the gospel can change anyone. They just need to hear it.

This week we look at three very different people in three very different situations who all were changed by the gospel.



The Method: Missionaries

How is God going to get the message of the gospel to every people, tribe, tongue, and nation?

Don’t fret…he has a plan. And that plan centers on the church. And that plan involves local churches sending our willing people to share the gospel with the nations.

In a sense, it is quite simple.

We gather.

We worship.

We send.

A Spirit- Empowered Evangelist

As you will see in the video, I offer my own outline for the text that we are studying this week. Here it is in writing:

  1. Believe God is at Work
  2. Be an obedient Christian
  3. Know your Bible
  4. Explain and Expect

I also give you an exhortation to study and teach the text rather than the lesson plan. An easy way to do that is to read the text in class several times. You could read it from 2-3 different translations, and then ask the following questions of the text or of different sections of the text:

  1. What do I learn about God?
  2. What do I learn about people?
  3. Do I have any questions about this passage?
  4. Do I identify with someone in this passage?
  5. Is there something I should do because of this passage?

A Spirit-Empowered Testimony Unto Death


I don’t want anyone to think that suffering is something that we get to do when we are really strong Christians and that it somehow makes us spiritual superheroes.

Suffering is a result of godliness, but it is a reminder that we do not have the strength in ourselves to live the lives God has called us to. We are frail. We are weak. And we need Jesus.

But when we suffer for the sake of Jesus, God does something awesome through his Spirit. He empowers us. This is not theory. This is real application. Don’t be afraid to stand for Jesus. Don’t seek suffering for the sake of suffering. But don’t let the fear of suffering cause you to turn away from obedience to Christ.