Session 4: The Spread of Sin

cain-slaying-abel-jacopo-palma-1590As I write this post we are trying to diagnose and fix a water leak on the church property. A water main that runs under the parking lot has a leak that is causing a washout to occur, leaving a hollowed out portion of earth hidden from plain sight.

This situation reminds me of the way sin works. Desires that churn under the surface leave a gaping hole in our hearts that often goes undetected for some time. Eventually, we see the washout, or the manifestation of that sin before us. We all know that by the time we see the evidence of sinful actions, our sinful desires have already been running rampant.

This week we are studying the story of Cain and Abel as it is recorded in Genesis 4. We will learn all about how sin spreads. The spread of sin begins with evil desires, results in condemnable actions against others, and is overcome only by God’s mercy and promise.

I am praying for you as you teach this critical lesson.


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