Session 6: The Creator Slows the Spread of Evil

God is gracious with us as he deals decisively with our sin.

We see this truth in this week’s lesson focusing on the narrative of the building of the tower of Babel and its subsequent destruction. God does not destroy the world this time, but rather causes confusion among humanity, thus slowing their ability to collectively rebel against their creator.

You will have a good opportunity this week to bring your learners through the text. Point one makes us get into a phrase by phrase analysis of what is being said about the human heart. This is a valuable exercise for your class.

About halfway through the video we will jump to the whiteboard and do a little textual analysis. I want to show you from the first few verses that the focus of the text is that God came down to see what man was up to. God sees what we are doing and thus holds us accountable for our actions.

God will not allow his purpose to glorify himself to be thwarted. He will take action to make sure that his purposes prevail.

Keep us the good work. Remember, the best thing you can do for your people is to get them in the Scripture. Let them see God’s truth before them.


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