Session 9: God Reaffirms the Covenant

broken-promisesHave you ever felt the disappointment of a broken promise? Have you ever caused someone else to swallow that bitter pill as you failed to come through on something you pledged to do?

It takes so long to build trust, yet a moment of faithlessness can shatter years of apparent trustworthiness.

But what if we knew someone who never failed to keep a promise? What if someone was so truthful in all he said and did that we never had to worry if he would come through on what he guaranteed?

As Christians, we have a great encouragement for our souls in that we do have one who fits this description. God alone is both perfectly true and perfectly trustworthy. And isn’t this good news for us? God has made many promises to us through his Word. How awful would it be if we weren’t sure if he would remain faithful to us? But our lives with Jesus are not awful. They are hope filled, because we know God’s character is always consistent. He always does what he says he will do.

This week we will observe as God keeps his promise to Abraham through his grandson, Jacob.


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