The Redeemer Reveals His Glory: Session 2

moses-and-pharaoh-the-final-plagueHave you ever spent time thinking and praying about a situation before you acted? Have you sought counsel from trusted sources? Have you diligently read the Scripture for direction? Have you fasted and prayed? Have you stepped forward in confidence believing that you were doing just what God wanted you to do? Did things suddenly seem to come apart at the seams? What in the world happened?

Often, when we face adversity in the midst of our obedience to God we begin to think that we messed up or that we missed God’s will. But what if our obedience actually directly led to difficulty? And what if this difficulty was a part of God’s plan to bring about his purposes? What if God would be glorified in the challenges you face?

We start out our lesson this week seeing this very thing happen to Moses and the Israelites. Moses went to Pharaoh and told him what God commanded, and Pharaoh took it out on God’s people.

How would Moses and the people continue to find strength and hope in the midst of their ever increasing difficulty. That is what we will find out this week. God will reveal his glory in great, amazing, and terrifying ways.


Session 2_The Redeemer Reveals His Glory_Intro Exercise


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