The Redeemer Judges and Saves: Session 3

lambThe final plague of the Exodus may be one of the most disturbing and troubling events recounted for us in the Scripture. God judges the nation of Egypt in gruesome fashion as he kills the firstborn male in every household.

In order to preserve life, more death had to occur. The chosen lamb was slaughtered and its blood spread across the door post. This blood covering would cause the Angel of Death to pass over the house and spare a son’s life.

In the midst of judgment, we see grace. In the midst of death, we see life. In the midst of wrath, we see favor. As gruesome as the Passover event is, the cross stands as a far more heinous act. The perfect Son of God receives all of God’s eternal wrath against sin so that you and I could receive grace and peace.

This lesson will lead us to see how God both judges and saves. Through one decisive event we see a full picture of his character. May our thoughts run to the cross as we study the Passover together.



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