Worthy of Praise: Session 4

“Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” -Philippians 3:8

101317308-shark-tank-mezz_0.1910x1000It all boils down to valuation. I like to watch the TV show, “Shark Tank.” Small business owners meet with a panel of millionaires and billionaires who are looking to invest their money. The small business owners pitch their company and offer a percentage of equity to the investor in exchange for cold, hard cash.

Much of the discussion that follows has to do with the valuation of the company. Usually the business owner values his company at a far greater amount than the investor does. This always leads to a counter-offer in which the investor either offers less money or asks for more equity…sometimes both.

The negotiations that ensue are all based on what each party is willing to give up in exchange for what they get. In a way, this is like worship. We are constantly valuing Christ. We may not say it that way, but based on how we live, what we spend, what we watch, what we say, etc., we are displaying the value of Jesus to the world around us.

This week’s lesson forces us to reconsider our valuation of Christ. As we look upon how the Israelites were led to see the worth of God, and to respond appropriately, we will also be challenged to consider how to respond to who God is and what he has done.



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