The God of Our Relationships

Love your neighbor as yourself.

There it is. Pretty simple command. But what does that actually look like? Are we talking feelings and emotions or are there real actions that we need to take? How do I know if I am on the right track?

Have no fear, God has taken care of you quite well. Commandments five through ten give us the application of neighbor love in real-life terminology.

Honor mom and dad.tenCommandmentsWallpaper

Don’t murder.

Don’t commit adultery.

Don’t steal.

Don’t lie about people.

Don’t covet.

It is that simple. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world if we all just obeyed these commandments?

The challenge for us all is that we DON’T obey. That is our whole problem. Kids rebel. People throw off authority in their lives. Not only do murders occur, but people are angered to the point of hate and bitterness. Relationships fall apart. Sexual immorality is rampant. Divorce affects so many. We steal. We take what isn’t ours and justify it. We gossip and tell untruths. And we long to have those things that we just can’t reach, thinking that if we had them we would be satisfied.

What is our problem?

Oh yeah. Sin. That whole garden thing isn’t just a myth, is it? We have come to know the difference between good and evil because we continually experience the evil that we do.

As Christians, we know that the righteousness of Christ clothes us. Even when we fail to love our neighbor, the love Christ has shown for us in his death and resurrection is enough to forgive us and empower us to continue to seek to follow these laws.

This week we will study together how God is the God of our relationships. When he tells us to love our neighbor, he shows us just how to do it. May God grant us wisdom to see where we fall short and grace to repent and trust Christ.



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