The Lawgiver’s Tabernacle

51ALfBwTixLI am not a tent guy. I was in Boy Scouts growing up and went on countless camping trips and spent plenty of nights in cold, drooping, and dripping pup tents. We never could seem to set them up just right.

To this day I would much rather stay in a hotel (climate control, comfy bed, firm ceiling) than in a tent of any kind (subject to the weather, bumpy ground, not-so-firm ceiling). And yet, I will admit that tents have their perks.

They are highly portable for one. You can get up and go at the drop of a hat. They are customizable. You can put them in an open field, a rocky ledge, or deep in the forest. And they completely fall apart when attacked by a bear…wait…make a note: that is not a perk.

Since God is infinitely wiser than I, he chose to start his people out with a tent. This tent would be the place where he would dwell. The tent would be at the center of his people’s lives. The tent would be the place where worship and atonement took place. This is a pretty high calling for canvas, lines, and stakes. A tent became sacred because God chose to take up residence within it.

While he eventually moved into a hotel (more on the temple in future lessons) God commanded his people first to build him a tent. This week’s lesson will teach us the significance and the beauty of God’s pattern and plan.


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