Atonement Sacrifices- Part 2

cross1We continue this week with our examination of the various offerings commanded by God in the book of Leviticus. This week we are covering the Sin Offering and the Guilt Offering.

The video this week is a little different than normal. Instead of walking through various aspects of the lesson itself, we are going to focus on the atonement itself, and specifically, on the atonement of Christ. It is fascinating that throughout church history, there has been no definitive move to nail down one orthodox teaching on the way Christ’s atonement worked.

While we have affirmed the atoning sacrifice of Christ, to be sure, various theories of the just how this atonement worked have been put forth through the years. In this video I share with you the basics (and I mean the very basics) of five theories of the atonement: Moral Influence Theory, Government Theory, Ransom Theory, Satisfaction Theory, and Substitution Theory.

You may or may not bring this discussion into class on Sunday, but I think wrestling with these various theories is a good theological exercise for your heart and soul.

How the atonement works is all about answering the question, “How can a sinful people be accepted by a holy God?”


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