The Law’s Blessing and Curse

Blessing, Curse Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Blue Sky and Clouds.The lesson this week serves as a conclusion to our examination of the Law and the atonement sacrifices from the last few lessons. We are jumping ahead to Deuteronomy 10 and 11. The point of this lesson is be reminded that while we are never saved by the law, there is great blessing granted to one’s life when he seeks to keep the law.

Now we have to be careful there. We don’t want to fall into the thought that “Great Blessing” means we always stay healthy, we have an ever increasing checking account balance, or that we experience no hardship ever. The great blessing of the Old Testament is the great blessing of the New Testament. We are blessed when the LORD is our God and our God is with us.

Sometimes that means that the crops come in, our loved ones are healthy, and things come up roses. But sometimes that means that in the midst of loss, illness, pain, and even suffering, the LORD is still our God and our God is still with us.

In your presentation of the lesson material this week, keep in mind that I will be preaching from Acts 16:16-25 on Sunday. Paul and Silas do a great work for God and end up beaten and incarcerated for it. In their bruised and bloodied state, they pray and sing hymns to God. How can we fight for joy, like these two men, even in the midst of difficulty and hardship? It starts with knowing that the LORD is our God and our God is with us.

Teach the Word!


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