The God Who Goes Before

stones-of-remembrance1“What do these stones mean?”

That is the question God wanted Israelite children to ask their parents when they saw a heap of 12 stones set up by the river. God gave families an opportunity to rehearse the faithfulness of God by recounting the ways that God had worked through the years.

We love to hear stories of our past, our parents’ pasts, and even beyond that. We learn much and are often shaped greatly by these stories. This was the intent of the 12 stones for Israel. Parents would tell the story of God to their children and God would use that story to shape the hearts and lives of these young ones.

God has given us a story to tell as well. This is the story of Christ; his life, death, and resurrection. To help us get the story going, Jesus gave us some ‘stones of remembrance’. We regularly celebrate the Lord’s Supper. By taking the bread and the cup, we are reminded of how God has saved us through Christ. And when we take it together, this Supper often provokes our children, and others, to ask, “What do these things mean?”

Thank God for giving us ways to remember and ways to tell the story of Christ.


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