Deborah: God’s Woman of Wisdom

deborah-barakWhen you think of a great military or national leader who is raised up to lead people to conquer the most powerful army it has ever faced, who comes to mind?

Patton, Washington, Churchill, Alexander, Hannibal, Lee, Khan…


Wait. Who?

Surprising, isn’t it? That is the point of our lesson this week. We meet Deborah, a woman used mightily by God, but who was, in fact, well…a woman.

In the ancient world, in a highly patriarchal culture, the fact that God would raise up Deborah to bring deliverance to his people would have been shocking. But isn’t that how God works. He takes those who don’t seem to fit, and uses them mightily. In so doing, he honors his servant and glorifies his own name.

Enjoy studying, learning, and teaching about Deborah this week.

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The Judges Cycle

The lesson plan suggests that you might open by referencing the movie, Groundhog Day. You may want to do this or not. It is up to you. I thought I would throw in the original theatrical trailer here for some context.

Bill Murray’s character gets caught living in the same day over and over again. Once he figures this out, he manipulates his situations, tries to learn some lessons, and seeks to work toward a goal.

Our friends, the Israelites, on the other hand, don’t seem to learn their lesson and they continually move further and further away from the Lord.

Here’s our teacher training video. Enjoy…

In Light of God’s Salvation…

I love when God gets my attention.

I opened up our Gospel Project lesson for this week and saw that it was the text that we studied last week in the worship gathering. Joshua 24 is the focus of our lesson this Sunday.

Coincidence? I think not.

I hope this video helps you prepare well for the lesson and also helps to once again communicate the vision that we are seeking to embrace as a church.

Study well. I am praying for you all.

Tainted By Sin

2cdef6183a3f6d05e6ee8f409255c60cWe are in Joshua 7:1-8:2 this week as we examine the defeat of Israel at the hands of Ai. It was just last week that we saw Israel defeat the mighty city of Jericho through a clearly divine act. Of course they should be able to take out the much smaller city of Ai.

Think again.

The difference in outcomes between the two battles is found in the heart of the people. Our lesson brings us right to 7:1 when we read, “But the people of Israel broke faith in regard to the devoted things…”

The hearts of the people turned away from God and turned toward themselves, with their desires, their sense of self-sufficiency, and their decisions. And it literally killed them.

Sin is pervasive and affects many more than just the sinner. This is a hard lesson for us to learn, but one that we cannot live without.