Deborah: God’s Woman of Wisdom

deborah-barakWhen you think of a great military or national leader who is raised up to lead people to conquer the most powerful army it has ever faced, who comes to mind?

Patton, Washington, Churchill, Alexander, Hannibal, Lee, Khan…


Wait. Who?

Surprising, isn’t it? That is the point of our lesson this week. We meet Deborah, a woman used mightily by God, but who was, in fact, well…a woman.

In the ancient world, in a highly patriarchal culture, the fact that God would raise up Deborah to bring deliverance to his people would have been shocking. But isn’t that how God works. He takes those who don’t seem to fit, and uses them mightily. In so doing, he honors his servant and glorifies his own name.

Enjoy studying, learning, and teaching about Deborah this week.

Listen to our songs for this coming Sunday morning HERE.



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