A King of Promise

We would all like to do something great for God, wouldn’t we?

We might read the biography or watch that documentary or hear that testimony and think, “I wish I could do something like that.” But, alas, we feel like we could never do enough to measure up.

Maybe even more common than the desire for the extraordinary is the desire for the “just a little bit better.” We walk through life with that low-grade sense of guilt that we just haven’t measured up.

This week, we are going to try to remedy this ailment with a specific prescription: the Gospel.

As you walk through this lesson, watch how God takes the initiative to bless by making a promise to David. This promise would give David rest as he aged and moved toward eternity, and it would offer us freedom from false-guilt even today.


The King Who Befriends

What does it really mean to be a friend? Thick and Thin. Good and Bad. Ups and Downs.

All that.

What we are going to see this week is that biblical friendship has some necessary components.

  1. It is grounded in covenant.
  2. It risk’s for the other.
  3. It strengthens faith.

These are the signs we look for and the signs we seek as we grow in our friendships with each other. And by the way, don’t these components make you think of Jesus? That’s what the Bible is supposed to do!

Have a great week preparing.

The King Who Fights For His People

full_davidgoliathIt might the most well known Bible story around. David and Goliath. Young shepherd boy taking on the might Philistine giant. Five smooth stones and a sling proving to be superior to a mighty sword and shield.

We have heard this story so many times that I worry we have lost its true impact. Or we may have missed its meaning altogether.

Remembering that this text teaches something significant about Jesus is the key to interpreting it properly. Ask yourself to identify who you are in the story. Are you David? Are you Goliath? Are you someone else?

I hope that watching the video this week and studying the lesson will help you discover the right answer. This discovery may change the way you see this entire story. Enjoy.


The Downfall of Israel’s King

Samuel_rebuke_Saul_H-roll-58Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Saul had everything he could have ever imagined. He had the power, the wealth, the looks, and, above all that, he had the endorsement of God to be the king of Israel.

Yet he threw it all away. The way he tossed God’s blessings aside offers us some good lessons for our own lives. We don’t see Saul turn and say, “I hate God so I will rebel against him.” No, we see him say, “I am going to do what God want me to do today…but not quite all of it.”

Partial obedience equals disobedience. This is a key lesson for all of us to learn.