Solomon Builds The Temple

There is an ever-present need for us to be amazed at who God is. Amazement and wonder fuel the true Christian life. If we are not amazed with God, we will soon find ourselves motivated by guilt, obligation, or need. These motivations fail us in that they can be overtaken by difficulty of circumstances, emotional disconnect, or simple distraction.

Only the glory of God serves as a sufficient motivation to continually drive us forward in ministry and mission.

This week we will see that the wonder of the temple was seen in the fact that God chose to set his name on a specific place among his people. The power of the temple was experienced as God used his presence among his people to spread his fame around the world.


Wisdom for God’s People

Who is the smartest person you know?

Who is the wisest person you know?

Did you answer those two questions differently? It is entirely possible for that to occur. Smarts don’t always translate to wisdom. This week we will study the book of Proverbs in order to understand how we acquire and grow in wisdom.

Solomon Asks for Wisdom

If you could ask God for just one thing…and know that you were going to get it…what would it be?

Now, we don’t want to reduce our thinking about God to that of a genie in a bottle, but I think this is a great question that reveals the depths of our hearts. You might want to take time to honestly assess how you answer that question. This may prove to be a vital aspect of your study and preparation for this week.

Solomon had a posture of humility in his prayer and he desired the answer to his prayer to bless and benefit others. This is a beautiful reminder to us of how we should approach God in our prayer lives.

Study well. I love you all.

The King Who Needs a Savior

nathan-hpHide and seek is a fun game to play. There is nothing like finding that perfect hiding that keeps you out of everyone’s sight. How much fun is it when the person doing the seeking walks right by you several times and never once realizes that your crouched, scrunched, squeezed, or crumpled into that little nook or cranny.

As much fun as hide and seek can be as a game, it is not a good strategy for the Christian life. However, we tend to follow the same rules as sometimes stumble through our lives. We mess up. We sin. We rebel. And we tend to hide it. We crouch behind that bush with alongside of Adam and Eve. We try to crumple up that sin and stuff it down deep into our pocket so no one else sees it. We might even try to deceive others so they don’t get a chance to really look into who we are and what we have done.

That is what we see this week in the story of David and Bathsheba from 2 Samuel 11. David sins, and we will talk about how that happened, and then tries to hide it. This is the dumbest thing he could do. But as a friend of mine recently said in one of his sermons, “Sin makes you stupid.”

Thankfully, God was at work and sent Nathan to David (2 Samuel 12). Nathan’s confrontation of David led to David’s confession of his sin and his repentance before God. As we study together this week, let’s not lose sight of the beautiful gift that repentance is to us. What a joy it is to know the freedom that comes through Christ and his glorious gospel.

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