The Foolishness of a Once-Wise King

SolomonsWivesO, how the mighty have fallen.

While this is actually a quote from 2 Samuel 1, the phrase is used in our culture for the person who once had it all (or so they thought), yet now finds themselves in severe want.

This is a perfect picture of Solomon. The guy had everything he could have ever dreamed of, yet his idolatry ended all that. Solomon’s 700 wives (and 300 concubines) drew his heart away from the Lord. I would think that his heart was on its own way in that direction by the time he said, “I do” to at least number 6…20…150…or even 600. While his wives were not believers and urged him to walk into false worship, it seems like Solomon was already walking away from God as he sought to satisfy his own carnal desires.

This week we have the opportunity to help our people think about the nature of idolatry. Below, you will find a link to a great article by John Piper that makes us think through the difference between God-given desire and idolatry. Hard copies of this article will be in your Sunday School folder this week so you can distribute them to your class.

Discerning Idolatry in Desire by John Piper


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