Solomon Reflects on the Meaning of Life

What more could a man want when he had everything the world ever had to offer? Well, according to Solomon…just a little bit more.

I say that because of the deep discontent that he expressed in Ecclesiastes. Solomon tested out every conceivable means of satisfaction in life and all of them left him saying, “All is vanity.”

The question about the meaning of life points to the issue of worldview. How do you perceive the world around you and how does this perception answers the big questions of life?

What is real?

Where do we come from?

Why are we here?

What happens when we die?

Can I truly know anything at all?

What is the meaning of history?

With all of Solomon’s musings, he comes to the end of the book and finally gives us a word that should shape our worldview and give answer to our questions.

“Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” Ecclesiastes 12:13

Let’s listen to Solomon this week as he helps us see that God must be at the very center of our understanding of this world and of our experience in it.



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