God Pursues Judah



God Pursues the Ninevites

We had a great few days in Baltimore. We had the privilege of seeing how God is at work in one of the most strategic cities in America. Be encouraged! God is doing great things.

We are studying about God’s work in one of the most strategic cities of the ancient world this week. What was God up to in Ninevah? Apparently, one of his prophets didn’t care and didn’t want to know. Our friend, Jonah, who is more like us than we would like to admit didn’t want anything to do with Ninevah. But God had a different plan for him.

God Pursues Israel

The tragic, yet glorious, marriage between Hosea and Gomer is the subject for this week’s Bible study lesson. Remember, as you study and as you teach…identify with the right person in the story. The key to applying this prophecy accurately in our lives is to see that we are not Hosea. We are Gomer. The role of Hosea is reserved for some far greater than any one of us.

God Reveals the Coming Victory

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God cares about his name. His name describes a lot about who he is. His character is wrapped up in his name. We will see this week how he grants the nation of Judah a victory for the sake of his own name.