God Brings His People Home

We are back!

After two weeks of holiday break, we are back up and running with our Sunday Bible studies. As we get back in gear, I want to encourage you in just a couple of things.

  1. We only missed one lesson in the scope of our normal lesson plan. While we were out for two weeks, one of those was a special Christmas lesson. The lesson within the sequence of our normal lessons was the one on Daniel in the lion’s den. You might want to just point your people to this fact and then get on with our lesson this week about God bringing his people back from Babylon to the Promised Land.
  2. Make it a goal this year to increase your dependence on the Scripture in your class time. We all have the tendency to lean on the lesson plan and even simply to read the extended plan in class as our means of teaching. I want to encourage you to use all the materials available to you in study, but in class get your people into the Bible as much as you can. One trick might be to only use the two-page summary of the lesson for your actual class time. Just a thought.
  3. Remember that your class time is a tremendous way for people to prepare for the worship gathering. We want to come together before the Lord with ears that are attentive to the Lord. Your time together in class can serve this purpose well. Praying together, studying together, encouraging each other…all of these things can ready our church for the larger gathering.

Thanks so much for serving the Lord Jesus by teaching the Bible. You are such an encouragement to me. Study well. Teach faithfully.



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