The Problem of Shallow Worship

Why do we worship?

How do we get ready for worship?

Can we worship poorly?

I hope you can explore these issues together as a class this week.


Ezra Reads The Law

This week we revisit a text we studied together about 6 weeks ago. Nehemiah 8:1-12 gives us an incredible account of the gathering of the Israelites to hear the Word of God read publicly. I preached this text on the first Sunday of 2017. That sermon can be found right here, if you are interested in listening again.

Be in prayer for your class and for our church that we will continue to grow in our understanding of the Word and our obedience to it.



Rebuilding the Wall

God calls us to do the right thing in the right way and then give him glory for the success.

The Israelites were to rebuild the wall. As they worked, they were to remember the Lord and continually do the work he commanded them to do.

Keep trusting God. Keep growing in your knowledge of God. Keep obeying God. Give God glory for any and all success.