The Son of God is Baptized

This is a great lesson this week reminding us of the depth of God’s love for us. Christ not only came into the world, but he came and identified with us.

As I mentioned this past Sunday, on Easter Sunday we will have one large group Sunday School class in the gym after our breakfast.


Jesus In His Father’s House

Parenting fail!

That’s what someone might think when they study our Bible lesson this week. Mary and Joseph travel more than a day before they realize that Jesus is nowhere to be seen. To be fair, the specific way that groups traveled around back then probably led to this bizarre scenario.

The more important detail of the Bible story is where Jesus actually was. He was in the temple conversing with the religious leaders. It was time for him to be about his Father’s business.

Take time this week to work through this lesson well. It’s the only record we have Jesus’ childhood.

God Becomes a Baby

This week we move from humility to hunger.

We will make this move together in the worship gathering through our study of Sermon on the Mount. Last week we heard Jesus tell us, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” This week he will say, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Humility to hunger.

We will make this move in this particular Bible study lesson as well. We begin with the humble beginnings of our Lord in his earthly life. We will explore the humble state of the shepherds, the first to hear of the good news of Jesus’ birth. And then we will see the hunger in the Magi as they search diligently for more satisfaction than what their gifts and abilities could afford them.

Humility to hunger. May we all travel this road together.

Mary Praises the Covenant-Keeping God


It’s Christmas time in March.

At least it feels that way when we begin studying the New Testament and step into the birth narratives that set the Christmas season apart so clearly from the rest of the year.

But let’s not consign the study of a certain portion of Scripture to only a certain time of year. You may actually have a better appreciation for these narratives as they follow our long study in the Old Testament. I hope you might sense the excitement of the fulfillment of all those promises God had made to his people as Christ comes into the world.

In the video I mention a resource that will be in your Sunday School folders this week. If you want to look at it now, you can by clicking the link right below the video. There will be enough copies for your whole class in your folder on Sunday.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am praying for you.

Mary Song Comparison

From Abraham to Jesus

My parents recently invested a couple hundred dollars to discover where they actually came from . offers a service where you can find out your actual DNA makeup so as to see your ethnic origins. We found out that while we have no American Indian in us (which we always thought we did), there is a touch of North African somewhere in our distant history.

These types of discoveries intrigue many people. There is something about knowing your origins that excites us. Maybe it just satisfies a curiosity, or maybe it’s something more. Maybe it gives us a sense of belonging to know our history. Maybe it’s a sense of purpose; being a part of something bigger than just you.

This week we travel back into the genealogy of Jesus. Matthew’s purpose for including this genealogy at the beginning of his gospel is to show how Jesus fulfilled the specific promises given to both Abraham and David.

Enjoy studying…and enjoy your God!