Mary Praises the Covenant-Keeping God


It’s Christmas time in March.

At least it feels that way when we begin studying the New Testament and step into the birth narratives that set the Christmas season apart so clearly from the rest of the year.

But let’s not consign the study of a certain portion of Scripture to only a certain time of year. You may actually have a better appreciation for these narratives as they follow our long study in the Old Testament. I hope you might sense the excitement of the fulfillment of all those promises God had made to his people as Christ comes into the world.

In the video I mention a resource that will be in your Sunday School folders this week. If you want to look at it now, you can by clicking the link right below the video. There will be enough copies for your whole class in your folder on Sunday.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am praying for you.

Mary Song Comparison


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