Nicodemus and the New Birth

Here it is! The John 3:16 lesson!

Just this morning a guy at the gym asked me if I knew what John 3:16 was. The reason he asked was because he was talking with some other guys about Tim Tebow. He referenced the passages that Tebow often wrote on his eye black and figured that the guy who always wears the church t-shirts would know the verse.

So there in the gym I was able to recite John 3:16 for all to hear.

This verse has got to be one of the most well-known among both the churched and unchurched. And thankfully it contains the heart of the gospel message. If the world is going to know a verse, this is a pretty good one for them to know.

But these words were not written in a vacuum. They were part of the interaction between Jesus and Nicodemus. A religious man who walked in darkness came to our Savior and heard a message of life and light. Be encouraged this week as you study and consider what it means to be born again.


Jesus Calls His First Disciples

We are back at it this week. Praise God for a great Sunday last week. I hope you were encouraged and refreshed by sitting in the student’s seat for a week.

We are stepping into the active ministry of Jesus now. We begin this week with the calling of the first disciples. Study well. Pray much.