The Sower and the Soils

This lesson gives us a massive reality check and huge boost of confidence.

The reality check comes from the fact that in Jesus’ parable, a lot of people who hear the word will not accept it.

The boost of confidence that we receive, though, is that of those who do receive, the harvest they produce will be massive.

So as you go, remember that even one seed falling on good soil has the potential return that could change the world.



Jesus and Zaccheus

I bet you have already started humming that familiar song…

Zaccheus was a wee little man…

Go ahead and finish it…I’ll wait.

God bless you in your studies this week.


Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Aren’t you glad that Jesus goes out of his way to get his people?

Well, I guess Jesus never goes out of his way…he is always right in his way. We may think that he is going out of the way, but he is always doing directly what he wants to do.

We see this once again as we study the lesson before us this week. Jesus heads into “enemy territory” in order to get this Samaritan woman. And thanks God that he did, for in this text we see that this is the kind of God who would go into enemy territory to get us.