The Father of Two Lost Sons

What a great title for this week’s lesson!

You might say, “That doesn’t sound real nice to say the guy has two lost sons.” The reality is, though, that the man had two lost sons.

This parable, taught by Jesus, emphasizes the character of the father as he relates to his two sons. These two sons both show contempt for their father’s goodness, albeit in two different ways.

The connection to our lives this week comes in our identification with either of the two sons. We often treasure God’s gifts more than we treasure a relationship with Him. Sometimes we approach God as if we are entitled to more than what we think he has given to us. Both mentalities demonstrate a disregard for the love and goodness of our heavenly father.

What overcomes this contemptuous disregard? It is the character of the father. Our God’s gracious and merciful character leads him to forgive, restore, and bless when we come to him in repentance and faith.


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