The Wicked Tenants

“I’m warning you…”

A lot of times I hear beleaguered parents say that phrase to their children when little Johnny or little Sally once again refuses to listen to simple instructions. Just this week I was witness to an interaction like this. I half smiled and half frowned as it seemed pretty evident that the warnings that mom was issuing would not amount to much of anything. It was almost silly to listen to mom threaten her daughter with ambiguous warnings, while her daughter’s reaction made it clear that she wasn’t worried one bit about what mom had planned.

Don’t let our failures as parents shape your view of God. When God gives a warning, he is serious about following through on it. There is no doubt. And because we know that he will follow through on it, we can see the warning as an act of grace. By warning us now, he keeps us from greater consequences later.

This week we study the parable of the wicked tenants. God sent his prophets to warn the people of Israel that they were not living the way that he made them to live. They were not following the commands of God, thus they were not producing the righteous fruit that they were intended to produce.

The message of the parable is that if you refuse to hear and heed God’s warnings, eventually there are no more warnings to give. The last step is simply judgment. The doctrine of personal judgment is not a popular one for it ends in an eternal hell. But even understanding that truth is, in a sense, a grace-filled warning from God for us to turn away from sin and turn to him.

The link to the video about the supposed differences in God between the OT and NT can be found here.



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