The Greater Miracle of Forgiveness

God is good…

All the time.

All the time…

God is good.

Have you ever heard that call and response? I wonder what would need to happen for you to chime in on that one. What blessing…what miracle would need to occur in your life for you to yell out, “God is good…”

This week we are thinking about a great miracle. A paralytic man gets healed.

“All the time…” Go ahead and say it.

But what is interesting about this lesson is that Jesus seems to be more concerned with the miracle of forgiveness than he is with the miracle of healing the man’s legs. Now he certainly heals the man’s legs and even does so as a sign that that he can forgive sins. However, Jesus’ first priority, and the greater miracle, is to make a man right with God.

When you think of your own salvation and the forgiveness granted to you through the death and resurrection of Jesus, are you compelled to yell out, “God is good.”

Because if you are, I just might yell back, “All the time!”


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