Jesus Raises Lazarus


Is there a difference between being raised from the dead and being resurrected?

Well, if you are resurrected, you have to be raised from the dead. However, if you are raised from the dead, you haven’t necessarily been resurrected.

Take our buddy, Lazarus, for example. This week we are studying the moment in his life, or death, when Jesus raises him from the dead. Absolutely incredible! Imagine being there at that moment to see Lazarus come out of the grave all wrapped up in grave clothes. He was certainly raised from the dead.

But Lazarus would die again. Man…to have go through that twice. On the other hand, when Jesus was resurrected on that first Easter morning all those years ago, he would never see death again. He was raised for eternity.

For us, we have a promise that we will be resurrected with Jesus. So when that happens, we have the great promise that we will not see death again. This is great news!

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead a couple of things were happening. First, Jesus was again showing us something true about his identity and work. He is the resurrection and the life. This moves us into the second thing that we see. In the raising of Lazarus we see a glimpse of the glory that is to come. We can trust that Jesus is the resurrection because we see him show that power and glory in the raising of Lazarus.

We see that resurrection power in a far greater degree in Jesus’ own resurrection. And we await that power to be applied to us on that great day. Study well this week with the resurrection in view.


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