The Risen King Forgives and Restores

I am unworthy…

I don’t want to…

These two phrases often come to our minds when we are called by God to join him on his mission. We can feel unworthy to be a part of his team due to the lingering guilt of our sin. We can also bristle at the thought of having to make certain sacrifices to do what God has called us to do.

This week Jesus deals with both of these objections as he restores Peter and focuses his heart on simply following Jesus, even at great cost.


The Risen King and the Doubter

Is there a difference between doubt and unbelief?

The answer to this question can be pretty complex. Let me give you a couple of thoughts that I have:

1- Belief (faith) is required of us

2- Belief (faith) is commanded by Christ

3- Belief (faith) comes to us by hearing the Word of Christ

4- Belief (faith) is a gracious gift of God to us

Regarding doubt and unbelief:

1- Doubt does not necessarily disqualify someone regarding faith

2- Doubt may contribute to someone’s unbelief

3- Unbelief may contribute to someone’s doubt