The Spirit Comes

We must be on mission.

We cannot be on mission without God’s power.

We are granted God’s power through his Spirit.

There you have it. That is the gist of the lesson for this week. We are looking at Acts 2 and examining how God has equipped us to be on mission with him. Remember that the Spirit who empowers you to go and make disciples is the same Spirit who equips you to live the Christian life each and every day.


A Song of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you don’t get too hopped up on tryptophan that you can’t get your studying in this week.

This lesson breaks off of our regular route and brings us to Isaiah 12 in order to help us understand what ought to produce thanksgiving in our lives.


The Risen King’s Commission

Don’t you love it when a command is so simple that there is no way you could possibly misinterpret it or misunderstand it?

Don’t you hate it when that same command is so often misapplied and just missed in your life?

What is our deal?

The Great Commission is pretty straight forward, yet we fail to do it too often. I pray this week that we all will be motivated to simply do what Jesus tells us to do.