A Spirit-Empowered Testimony Unto Death


I don’t want anyone to think that suffering is something that we get to do when we are really strong Christians and that it somehow makes us spiritual superheroes.

Suffering is a result of godliness, but it is a reminder that we do not have the strength in ourselves to live the lives God has called us to. We are frail. We are weak. And we need Jesus.

But when we suffer for the sake of Jesus, God does something awesome through his Spirit. He empowers us. This is not theory. This is real application. Don’t be afraid to stand for Jesus. Don’t seek suffering for the sake of suffering. But don’t let the fear of suffering cause you to turn away from obedience to Christ.


The First Christmas Carol

This week we are studying the special Christmas lesson that is included in your study guides.

As we think about Christmas Carols, I thought you might find the following article interesting.




The Spirit of Truth and Generosity

God is serious about protecting his church.

God is serious about providing for his church.

God is serious about his church.

We see these three truths come to life this week in our study of Acts 4 and 5. Ananias and Sapphira come on the scene, and are then removed pretty quickly. Let’s make sure we stick to the text and learn what God desires of us regarding truth and generosity.